What if you could visit a cenote simply by stepping out to your backyard? For $109,900 USD you can purchase land in Bosques de Bambu, located in a private residential area in the southern part of ​​Playa del Carmen. 


The word cenote is derived from the word ts’onot, which the Yucatec Maya used in reference to any location with accessible groundwater. This natural sinkhole is created as a result of the collapse of limestone bedrock, which exposes the ground water underneath. They are very common in regions with a low latitude, with hundreds of them in the Yucatan Peninsula.


It is believed that cenotes were used by the pre-hispanic and contemporary Mayan people as a source of fresh water, with the underground river system being the only source in the entire Yucatan peninsula. The water that flows through the rivers is rain water, which has filtered slowly through the ground. It has little to no contact with sunlight, algae and other organic elements, so it is always pristine and clear, appearing turqoise when seen from the beach.


The Maya believed that cenotes represented the entrance to Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, a gateway to the afterlife where their gods lived. This is why they were considered sacred and the site of various rituals of worship. The Yucatan is home to the biggest single underwater cave system in the world, thanks to the fact that the entire peninsula is essentially sitting on a large layer of soluble limestone. These cave systems often make their way to the surface and thus the cenotes are revealed, offering up new openings to a world beneath the surface.


Vimex Real Estate currently has a lot for sale in Bosques de Bambu, a residential neighborhood located in the southern part of Playa del Carmen. This 860.2 ft² lot is the perfect place to build your own private vacation villa or concept residential home in a sophisticated jungle garden setting inside of a 24-hour gated community. The cenote with waterfall is on site, as is a club house, infinity pool, and sun deck lounge areas. Bosques de Bambu is close to Centro Maya shopping mall, which has cinemas, restaurants, a large supermarket, and a variety stores. Bosques de Bambu- Lot 37 is the place to construct your future home next to the exquisite beauty of the Riviera Maya.



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