Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Accra Residencial Land

USD 56.700


Accra is the first subdivision that offers a collection of residential lots capable of satisfying the needs of the whole family, linking them with nature and allowing them to grow in an environment of safety, quality and exclusivity. Our residential offer pays tribute to the ancient Mayan culture of Tulum and its traditions.
We invite you to discover something new together, to delight yourself with the
array of surprises that this wonderful city offers and, above all, to forge
meaningful memories with your family and friends.
Accra offers you a new standard for forward-thinking residential design, protecting and respecting the environment, being socially responsible. Each property comes to life under strict architectural practices; including the use of ecological construction materials, conserving and maximizing vegetation, an efficient design through an intelligent architecture that minimizes energy consumption and the impact on the environment.
Accra Residential, which includes self-service and basic necessities stores; We make sure to provide you with a variety of options, products and services to make your day-to-day as comfortable as possible.
Friends and family discount and financial available.